The Taylor’s Community Impact Measurement Story

Impact Measurement is essential to measure, monitor and improve all of Taylor’s Community projects.

Here, it is explained in detail through our own Impact Measurement Data Story.

Kak Zah
An Exemplary Success

What Is Our Vision?

Transforming charity into sustainability by educating youth of the world to be global leaders through impact driven community programs.

Educating youths to be global leaders through impact driven community programs

We live our values through every engagement.


We explore new ideas and concepts to amplify value

Impact Driven

Creating tangible & measurable impact via our programs


Pouring our hearts and minds into everything we do

Our CSR Programmes Are Based On 4H Pillars


Academic Learning


Skill-Based Training


Mental & Emotional Well-Being


Physical Well-Being

Impact Measurement Problem Statement

How do we know our projects are considered successful?

How do we improve our projects?

How do we know if what we are doing fits the community’s needs?

What Is Impact Measurement and How Does It Affect Others?

CSR Programme Stakeholders

Impact measurement helps corporate companies plan, execute and measure their CSR programmes with an impact framework in mind.

Beneficiaries and Community

The beneficiaries’ progress and results are tracked and problems are identified and then addressed to ensure the programmes are delivered effectively.

Students and Volunteers

Understanding impact measurement can help students from Taylor’s Education Group and volunteers develop their personal growth while contributing to society.

The Hourglass Methodology

Impact Measurement Model

The objective of the Hourglass is to derive both qualitative and quantitative measurements (impact results) from social projects.

Impact Indicator

Realising that there was no suitable framework to map these CSR components on, we started exploring the option of building our framework and found a common purpose with an international social impact agency called Incitement.

The Goals of Impact Measurement

Impact Measurement allows us to evaluate our programmes in a data-driven manner, which in turn allows us to maximize efficiency and efficacy of our programmes, giving stakeholders transparency, accountability, and validated results for their efforts.

Overcoming Personal Challenges
with Programme Keusahawanan

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Total Impact of
Program Keusahawanan So Far
(2017 - 2019)

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