Program Keusahawanan

Taylor’s – CIMB Islamic Entrepreneurship Programme

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime

In a faraway village, there lived two good friends, Zul and Nazri. Like most growing boys, they were constantly hungry.

They decided to try their hand at fishing, but were unfortunately no good at it.

One day, a friendly fisherman visited the lake.

He noticed the boys were still trying to catch fish, but with no luck at all.

The Friendly Fisherman gave them tools and taught them how to use them effectively.

With their newfound knowledge and the right tools in hand, Zul and Nazri now fish happily ever after.

It was challenging at first, but with the help of the friendly fisherman, Zul and Nazri finally got their first catch. - Yay!

Program Keusahawanan aims to cultivate successful entrepreneurs in the B40 community

Who are the B40 Community?

Like Zul and Nazri, the B40 community are hardworking citizens who make ends meet for their household needs. They are the group with household income less than RM4000 every month.

Who is Running The Programme?

Taylor’s Community is the friendly fisherman who helps the B40 community by providing them with the right education and knowledge to succeed in business

CIMB Islamic supports the B40 community in partnership with Taylor’s CSR by providing them essential tools and equipment to operate their businesses

Program Keusahawanan has nurtured 381 successful entrepreneurs to date - 2019

What is Program
Keusahawanan (PK)?

By providing the right education and the tools to help them succeed, we can help them create a sustainable source of income.

Program Keusahawanan (PK) is an entrepreneurship programme in partnership with CIMB Islamic Bank Berhad. The programme provides the B40 Community located in PPR housing the assistance in scaling their businesses by providing them non-monetary grants. Program Keusahawanan participants pitch to a panel of CIMB judges, and the winners are given the equipment they pitched for in order to scale up their businesses.

B40 are Malaysians with
< RM 4,000
household median income

PPR (Project Perumahan Rakyat)

An initiative by the government to provide affordabe housing to the B40 communities around the country

Sustainable Help
Education + Grants in terms of equipment + Business Validation

For sustainable and lasting impact

Ecosystem Model

Our stakeholders and volunteers are highly motivated and engaged with participants in many ways other than just monetary

Why Do We Do It?

The programme’s objective is to launch and maintain a significant number of businesses within the community to increase the earnings of these families, and with that, their quality of life.

Programme Timeline

Motivation & Recruitment

Motivation and recruitment is the first phase in a programme life cycle. This is where Taylor’s Community motivates different communities to participate. Every participant is screened and interviewed for the evaluation.

Participants with families can register their kids in the programme where they can also learn about emotional well-being and entrepreneurship from volunteering trainers.

Education Phase I

This phase led to the development of the Program Keusahawanan University, where participants gain the opportunity to attend "free university classes" twice a month, to gain skills to sustain their businesses.

First, participants will attend classes where they are taught how to prepare business reports and properly give a business pitch.

The class covers Taylor’s Business School business canvas model taught by Taylor’s University lecturers as well as other external industry trainers.

Education Phase II

In Phase II, participants then pitch to judges to stand a chance to win their share of business grants.

Now equipped with basic business knowledge, participants are trained on various topics that will benefit them in terms of building and growing their businesses.

Many skill-based classes are also included, for example, sewing and massage classes.

Classes covered by the Program Keusahawanan University:
  • Sales & Negotiation
  • Social Enterpreneurship
  • Branding & Marketing
  • Financial Literacy
  • Skill Set Enrichement


Participants who have successfully completed 1 & 2 phases and have earned sufficients merit points will be eligible to apply for learning and making their dream a reality.

In the implementation phase, participants implement business plans and track development. Participant also got oppotunity to join Program Keusahawanan bazaar. Then, equipment provided to grant winners of Program Keusahawanan while verifying that they are making full use of the equipment.

Program Keusahawanan Bazaar

Program Keusahawanan bazaar is a showcase bazaar for the participants.

The objective of the bazaar is to allow participants of Program Keusahawanan exercise and implement the various knowledge and skills they have obtained during the Program Keusahawanan University classes.

The bazaar is one of the most rewarding aspects of the program as Taylor’s Community team gets to see the tangible results of the programme’s efforts, and participants gain valuable real-world experience in entrepreneurship.

Graduation Ceremony

At the end of the programme is commemorated with a graduation ceremony.

The participants that complete the programme, graduate to become Program Keusahawanan Alumni, with some of them even returning the following year as mentors to guide new participants.

This way, they pay it forward and the giving continues.

Impact Made




Participant’s Category

B40 (PPR) (Participant's Category)

OKU (Participant's Category)

ASNAF (Participant's Category)

Refugee (Participant's Category)

Single Parents (Participant's Category)


Participant’s Location


PPR Involved


Types of Business


Participant’s Impact

Personal Growth (Participant's Impact)

Financial Growth (Participant's Impact)

Business Development (Participant's Impact)



Student (Volunteers)

Public (Volunteers)

Trainer (Volunteers)


Volunteer’s Impact

Thankfulness & Gratitude (Volunteer's Impact)

Planning & Organizing Skills (Volunteer's Impact)

Children Management (Volunteer's Impact)

Teamwork (Volunteer's Impact)


Funds Invested

Taylor's (Funds Invested)
CIMB Islamic (Funds Invested)


Success Stories

Successful Program Keusahawan Participants

Amirrudin Othman

He is a baker who started as a home baker. He won Program Keusahawanan grant after join Program Keusahawanan 2018 and since then he is able to produce more bakery products. He now owned his own bakery shop and baking studio. He envisioned to turn his business to the social enterprise where he could use his baking studio to train school drop out youth with baking skills. He is now not only a baker, but also a chef for Malay and Western cuisine. He was one of Taylor's Education Sdn Bhd registered suppliers and continues to receive more corporate orders. His business has grown more than 50% after joining PK.

Program Keusahawanan 2018 Participant
50% of Business Growth
Cakes and Breads

Abdul Malek Omar

He sold Nasi Lemak on the street near Taylor's College old campus for 10 years. He joined Program Keusahawanan 2018 and won the grant which help him to produce more Nasi lemak everyday. He also noticed that Program Keusahawanan has empower him with entrepreneurship knowledge to expand his business by doing more effective marketing strategies on online platform. He gained confidence to cater for corporations and has been one of Taylor's Education Sdn Bhd registered vendors and continues to receive more corporate orders. His business has grown 100% after joining Program Keusahawanan.

PK 2018 Participant
100% growth rate
Nasi Lemak

Noor Sabrina Abdull Hamid and Rokiah Don

They joined the Program Keusahawanan 2018 together as a mother (Rokiah Don) and daughter (Noor Sabrina Abdull Hamid) partnership. Rokiah Don is an expert in Malay cuisine where her nasi lemak is her main product and Sabrina is an expert in Malay traditional kuih. They come back to join Program Keusahawanan 2019. They thought the program helped not only getting grant equipment but also entrepreneurship knowledge further expand business. They now owned a shop from DBKL after years of roadside sales. They said that after joining Program Keusahawanan in 2018, they gained much more confidence in their business pitching, which led to DBKL to trust in grant them with shop. They can now extend their business hours beyond breakfast and dinner both. Their business has expanded more than 80% since they joined Program Keusahawanan program.

Program Keusahawanan 2018,
Program Keusahawanan 2019 Participant
80% growth rate
Mother - Nasi Lemak
Daughter – Traditional kuih

Life After Program Keusahawanan


Participants come back as alumni participants.


Participants come back as mentor.


Participants get more corporate business.


Participants get more collaboration.

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