Social Entrepreneurship

Taylor’s Community are now diving into Social Entrepreneurship (SE) and exposing this new wave of sustainable business in our programs. We have done a few introduction topics on Social Entrepreneurship in 2019 and the feedback from participants were positively received.

We believe that Social Entrepreneurship is the future of entrepreneurship which balances the 3Ps: Profit, People, Planet. This mixture is a win-win in all aspects, incorporating business sustainability while giving back to the community and not to forget cultivating environmentally friendly processes.




Beneficiaries with increased awareness on Social Entrepreneurship

Beneficiaries incorporating Social Entrepreneurship into their business or turning their businesses into Social Entrepreneurships

Cultivate selected beneficiaries into Social Entrepreneurships and helping them scale

Impact Achieved


of participants said they will now support or buy Social Entrepreneurship Product/Service

Was the session inspiring?


indicated that they will influence and educate those around them about Social Entrepreneurship and it’s impact.

Was the session relevant to you?

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