Volunteer 4 Impact

Transforming Charity Into Sustainability

Mainly we aim to grow the volunteers (Taylor’s Students) to be future leader with empathetic mindset. We welcome students and general public to volunteer with our impact driven project with the main aim of “Transforming Charity into sustainability”.


Transforming volunteers into trainers and project leads.

By volunteers for volunteers

194 (55.6% recurring volunteers) of our big hearted former volunteers came back and initiated their own club in the effort of holding the hands of the new volunteer to give them the best experience in their noble work.


The entry level to explore volunteerism


Higher responsibility roles will be given


The entry level to explore volunteerism


Gain training experience to direct & oversee the program



of our current volunteers stated that they are looking forward to volunteering again and giving back to the community.


Existing & new volunteers

Roles and Resposibilities​

We have expanded the resposibilities of the volunteer from only 2 parts to 6 meaningful roles.


Children Management
Logistic Support


Children Management
Crowd Management
Event Coordinators
Content Creation
Communication Managers
Impact Managers

Volunteer Experiences (Value Proposition)

Let’s Be Impactful

Stand together with us and make a different, a better one.

We do open opportunities to our volunteers to intern with us.

Taylor’s Community


Started with assistance from other NGO as we needed to build trust with familiar faces. Worked with Community leaders at PPR Sri Pantai as we launched.


Promoted and motivated on the ground beneficiaries from PPR to PPR. Invited some alumni members to join the team.


Collaboration with high influence persons in selected PPR and PPR Communities. Word spread much faster with ‘Alumni Bring in Potential Participants’ concept and increased Program Keusahawanan participant numbers. We expanded to Perlis community as the first community out of Klang Valley

Basic Fundamentals of Working with Communities




Beneficial & Impactful

Important Roles as
Community Champions

Strategic Planning

May Wong & Elin

Psychological Support & Volunteer


Adult Community

Amalina & Nadiah

Kids Community


Taylor’s Community Partners

Community Beneficiaries

SOLS 24/7

SOLS 24/7 is a humanitarian organization, committed to serve, educate and empower poor and underserved communities such as the Orang Asli Community.

Through free education and social empowerment programs, SOLS24/7 work unconditionally towards transforming underserved communities in Malaysia to develop their true potential and break the cycle of poverty.


Rainbow of Love or Pelangi Kasih is a UNHCR registered community learning centre which provides education for Myanmar child refugees.

An initiative by Human Aid Selangor set, their education includes academic, co-curricular and also incorporates moral values in both aspects. The school also acts as a community centre for Rohingya Refugees where we try to care for the community’s welfare.


Destiny aims to empower the poor and marginalized by giving them a good education that will prepare them for a career, give them the confidence to earn a living to help their children live a better life through education, information, coaching and counselling with possibilities of a job or a small business to sustain their families.

Destiny also addresses issues affecting single mothers, refugee parents who are unable to afford child care Centre to enable them to work for a living by providing daily classes for their children.


Formed in 2005 by university students from Myanmar who found Chin children wandering the streets of Kuala Lumpur. When no one else would help, the students took it upon themselves to teach the kids.

Today, over 500 enthusiastic pupils, aged between 4 to 17 years fill their classrooms across our five learning centres. Our key focus is teaching Chin refugee children to ensure that they have access to education so they don’t fall behind and are prepared for school in western countries.

Persatuan Kebajikan Polaris

Registered NGO established in March 2017 by a group of friends with the passion to serve the community by organizing self-enhancement programs for children and teenagers aged between 5-17 from the underprivileged background at no charge.

PPR Communities

People’s Housing Project (Program Perumahan Rakyat or PPR) low-cost high rise flats developed by the National Housing Department (Jabatan Perumahan Negara or JPN) in Kuala Lumpur since 1998 for Malaysian low-income households.

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